Soap Story

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Trumpery is Reality”

Feeding Time ~ Philip Brent

                                 Feeding Time ~ Philip Brent

I wonder are we are living in soap opus
As I recall opus is the singular of opera
Like the tawdry cliché our life’s become
Someone rich and powerful is in control
Though they are nearly always evil men
I didn’t make this sell-my-soul bargain
It all got handed to me a fait acommpli
Such fell days make me yearn to bawl
Bawl like cows who are led to slaughter
Bawl like a baby, a drunk; I crawl away

Who hears my words, thoughts, dreams
Knows I believe I can change the world
I don my e-sandwich board and scream
Not that the end is near, yet, sometimes
I do suggest that we should chuck it all
In a world of blind, cynical pessimists
One-eyed optimists live on city streets
Prophets, yet so rarely heard or heeded
Wasted in ghettoes, slums and projects
Limits of their influence circumscribed
Their circumstances inherited, imposed
No matter how we think, live or believe
We know others only actors in our play

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