Before It’s Time

Wrapper Discarded ~ Brent Harris

Wrapper Discarded ~ Brent Harris

Do you think our getting old is making some people rich
Tell you that’s true and not some sort of computer glitch
Though the people taking care of us do not get that dosh
Those farther up the food chain chew the expensive nosh

Our ship’s top deck grows higher, as we’re put in steerage
Yet some still remain convinced they can join the peerage
As middle must descend still lower as all must plainly see
Majority have been tossed overboard to drift on out to sea

After all, you didn’t think that decision would be up to you
No one may live that fabled dream, except just a lucky few
So my advice is to sit back, relax and enjoy the messy show
Savor as much pleasure as possible, before it’s time you go


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