Morning Lark

Dangling Conversation ~ Philip Brent

Dangling Conversation ~ Philip Brent

How will people of the future see
The people who are alive this day
Will they ken we act no differently
We’re what we do, not what we say

I believe it is not the words I write
But that I share my hopes and fears
Exploring this, our common plight
Hope my words may reach your ears

Will I be ignored, slip into obscurity
Only live within the madding crowd
Sound notes, each our own, you see
Chord or discord, all the symphony

Faster now we dancers move in time
Complex; only apparently confused
Dance to unheard music and rhyme
Around us and within us, life infused

Notes the color of roses, with thorns
Choreographed to words and whatnot
Harmonies of ancient starlight, gone
They appear different; they are not

Unplug our ears and open our eyes
That we may hear the morning lark
And waken our willingness to be wise
Listen, hear, here, everywhere, hark

All songs the same song, the only song
Although they are arranged differently
Pretend we are apart, still, we belong
How bereft we feel, ignoring our family


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