Can the Last be First?


About Face

About Face

All nice guys will  finish last, what I have always heard
Ever since I started life as a wee laddy, oh so very small
Confused by lessons taught, reversed,  it sounds absurd
Learned have I, from kindergarten, goodness trumps all

Thou Shall Nots take pride of place, as truths of a sage
With almost any creed or faith I know, can now recall
Charity’s a grace which lasts for eternity, in every age
Still, it’s lead, follow, or get out of the way, thou shall

How can anyone ever hope or know which way to act
Since aggressive, ruthless, vile thieves do oft succeed
Money comfort and choice bribe, don’t disdain the fact
Yet nice, much more decent folk live in constant need

No true correlation can I divine, matters not how I try
As happiness can’t buy food, nor poverty arrest greed
While with an open mind, I found not one reason why
Any nice guy might climb up higher, to gain top seed

I then thought, pondered, read, reflected, studied more
Searching for hidden clues, answers, seeking to note all
Delved so deeply, the truth I found that’s not in any lore
In standing last, nice guys have the highest points total

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