I Wonder

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

I wonder what all the time spent traveling fast
Planes, trains and automobiles has done to us
When our psyches, minds, bodies are  far cast
Like sling-shot stones or a swiftly  flying discus

The faster we move, clearly, the less we see
Is this why bodies fail when older, wind down
Our mind, reflexes not what they used to be
I think it’s so we might take time, look around

Places in the world, life’s harder but it’s simpler
Often there, elders still hold an honored place
Hard work, but time to think, question, answer
Their time not crammed full, not running a race

Or is it simply the daily race, we compete with all
Finding water, food, warmth, shelter, a companion
Keeping a weather eye peeled to avoid the squall
Work with our hands, happy to rise with the sun

Finding and making beauty when, where you can
Each day a fully-lived life, ignoring push and shove
Love thy neighbor as thy self, every woman, man
Everything in your life crafted with care and love

Find a hobby, pastime, something you love to do
Gardening, cooking, quilting, reading or baking
Hold a price above rubies, they focus, nourish you
Painting, crafting, writing, really any undertaking

These allow you to live in the now, to be present
It’s the only time we have and zooms by quickly
Now, is the time in which most of us are absent
Living in the past, the future only makes us sickly

Living for our self, self alone all we think we have
In truth, our universe encompasses all, everything
We’re but puzzle pieces in a vast and ancient cave
When we meet our mate, the sun and stars sing

Slow down, take time despite your youth or age
Live fully, intent, each, every moment in your day
If living only once, as some believe, forget  rage
Embrace it all, a life full of gusto, come what may


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