Not Where We’ve Been


Gods or Monsters

Gods or Monsters

In this time of gimme, pushing through people to a moldy, cheesy holiday song
One which you have heard so very many times, you hate it, yet you hum along
Gimmes stand before stores, hand outstretched and crawl through your mail slot
Many of them fill real needs, food and shelter, help people that others have not

But admit it, it’s all rather wearing now that merchants push holiday goods in July
To tootle those tired, worn-out tunes, spread glitter everywhere, so watch your eye
While some say we have missed the reason for the season, well at least for them
Though their early elders moved the date from summer, let’s all sing a pagan hymn

Unsure if pagans have hymns, someone will weigh in; the season was their reason
Yearly changes marked, blessings, boons, wards sought, so wield a well-used besom
Each held and holds significance for some, for others it really shouldn’t even matter
Simpler to remember those we cherish with gifts, a special meal, a well-picked platter

Everybody’s important date, day, for someone else crosses off only another every day
Cannot we simply live, let live, no judgment, persecution, get out of each other’s way
Despite the manner in which our world has always worked, where differences abound
Most think anyone, everyone not like them is evil, wrong, and they shouldn’t be around

Extermination, genocide, pogroms, crusades, camps have ever been our chosen normal
Even with our history well-known, we repeat it repeatedly, our insanity rendered formal
Enemies defeated, we will turn upon friends, even family before we face the final curtain
Their smiles not our smiles, their thoughts, language don’t translate, so can they feel pain

Oh, hell, I give up, admit you all are demented. Go ahead, slaughter each other, please
But try to find a place away from me and mine your blood to spill, your throats to seize
Be well aware, these conflicts will destroy, your homes; Earth, no, we already did that
You’ve taught us to follow to, through places where you’ve always both slept and shat

Smelling to Heaven high and to Hades below, we cannot any longer smell sweet roses
Nor do we have any tenderness, sensitivity, dismay as we smile, strike mindless poses
Choose presidents, premieres, dictators or despots it’s all the same, just different names
To gain and retain wealth and power, it is the usual cruel deal, always the same old games

The vaunted middle ground is gone and we have yet to determine the length of our fall
Before we too end up in the shitter, where most of the world’s people live, that is their all
When only gold-plated posteriors may grace these gilded seats, scatter foul blessings below
Don’t believe the commode cleaners may higher status gain cleaning delicate derrieres, no

I found while writing this strange screed my banana peal, how slippery a slope we stand upon
That even those at the top are ripe for the same, a longer fall, where they’ll sink deep, be gone
All triggered by commercialized intolerance, disguised as the season’s cheer, its tired song
Unaware our current coordinates, a mere blot on the map, show where we’ve been, are going

So gimme, gimme, gimme and then gimme so much more, no matter the schlock or crap I gain
We hang in the air, tied to the missing track, across the bridge from which plunges our train
Yet gimme more, faster, there can never ever be enough, not on the train or when we’re gone
All this too, along with us, will become ashes and dust, feeding whatever next may come along

I wish them well, the ones who next arise, hope they can discover a better way to live, exist, be
Understanding that no matter how they look or what they are, they’re the same as you and me
Everyone and everything is created from the same building blocks that yield planets, suns, us
Maybe we could just stop, think about not where we’ve been, but where want to go and readjust


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