That’s Why

Merciless ~ Philip Brent

Merciless ~ Philip Brent

Most days my life is so crazy and confusing

It does not one bit of good to keep refusing

I find no answers in the books I’m perusing

I’m told it’s all about the winning and losing

And I think this more than a little bemusing

Leaving me battered, all so bloody bruising

I suppose there are things I could be infusing

Most days I believe I might take up boozing

While channels on the idiot box I’m cruising

Show me stuff they tell me I should be using

Drugs on offer may leave me dead or oozing

I cannot afford the rest, so no sense choosing

And not an arrow in my quiver, to be loosing

Need a nonviolent reference I can be reusing

Current candidates scare me or I am snoozing

Bigotry, misogyny, hate so I can the blues sing

And I find not one little bit of this shit amusing

That is why my world is so crazy and confusing

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