It’s Time!

Je Vous Suis ~ Philip Brent

Je Vous Suis ~ Philip Brent

It’s time the bleeding stops. That’s what I heard the man on the radio say. At least that’s what I think he said, what I remember, would that I did not. He wasn’t talking about Paris, 11/13/15. Such senseless carnage, he should have been. Nor was he talking about New York City 9/11/01. He was not talking about Nairobi, Newtown, Basra, Denver, Istanbul, Tripoli, Ramallah, Oklahoma City, London, Jerusalem or Mumbai. Oh, so many, many more that I cannot believe it. Have we come to the point, do you think, we feel left out, unworthy if not on this list? If we are not like Columbine, Charleston, Umpqua or Austen. Yet, anywhere may soon join this litany, this number. I’m sure there’s never a need to worry, as the number grows daily larger. What number? Places where innocent people are slaughtered, where mothers, fathers, children lie dead, wounded and broken. So many unlucky, innocent lives have been shattered in Boston, Bangkok, Tikrit, Oslo, Damascus and so many more you wonder if I’m making up names. I’m not.

The figures from January 2011 through July 2015, plus Paris on 11/13/15, stagger me. During this time, 515 plus attacks killed 9,885 people worldwide, simultaneously injuring 13,187 as well. This does not include the lasting destruction to marriages, families, livelihoods and futures. Nor does it tell of a lifetime of survivor’s guilt, depression and PTSD. Whatever the world looks like when we go to sleep tonight, tomorrow may find it infinitely altered. This is expected, planned for, simply part of the equation. If you think I’m mad, paranoid or delusional, think again. I will share with you the information that led me to this conclusion. Reviewing exclusions in my new homeowner’s insurance policy, I learned I will not be covered, wait for it, for damage caused by an atomic bomb or nuclear device. Further, it doesn’t matter whether this happens intentionally or accidentally. Do you suppose they’ll help me bend over to kiss my ass goodbye? Personally, I believe I’ll have to bend over, but the assholes will take care of the rest.

I’m sorry if that sounds like I’m being facetious or making light of tragedy, but I am so angry that anyone needs to say anything. My heart and best wishes go out to anyone who has been afflicted by any incident I have cited. I know healing such trauma may take a lifetime, not to mention all those who were killed. So, I’ll return to where I started. The man on the radio was Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the bleeding he wants to stop is in the war in Syria. By all means, let’s stop the bleeding everywhere. Let’s stand up and admit we have become addicted to violence on a massive scale. Only by admitting the problem can we hope to solve the problem. It’s time to stop the bleeding, all the bleeding. It’s time.


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