A Better View

Misty Mornings ~ Brent Harris

Misty Mornings ~ Brent Harris

I often wonder, how did we get into this mess
I mean, we did not choose to grow our brain
Who decides to confront predators, such stress
Sharp fang and claw, able to cause acute pain

Where else in the universe, would you suppose
Evolution played this little joke, what survived
Not really a joke or experiment, just how it goes
Philosophy I read years ago, my mind revived

Apple trees grow apples, dogs produce puppies
True to this equations, our universe has people
Varieties of apples, nature, from us to guppies
Come to grips with this under dome or steeple

Avowing we’re the cosmos’ definition of success
Stretches my imagination to the breaking point
Until we can get along, dynamic tension no less
Or make Earth unlivable and abandon the joint

Gaia may cull our bulk; it has five times before
Mass extinctions on a global scale nothing new
Whether we depart or reach that distant shore
Where we change, discover a new, better view


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