Just How it Goes

Wrapper Discarded ~ Brent Harris

Wrapper Discarded ~ Brent Harris

I’m an old white guy
I shouldn’t rap
If I even try
They’ll call it crap
But I am troubled
In every way
My stress is doubled
On every day
Terror and fright
On the news
Each and every night
Not my views
Toil and strife
It creeps inside
Through every orifice
Nowhere to hide
So throw the dice
What will it get you
Wait and see, now
What it is or who
Can you guess how
Innocent bystander
Or intended target
Some off-hander
Or flagrant debt
The bombs will drop
And the guns will fire
Picked off by a cop
Or a crazy who aspires
Your dance of death
Now or a later on
Cross the Lethe
Don’t forget your coins
Still, it is no disguise
Place them on your eyes
Pay the boatman
Pay the piper
The brightest smile can
Hide the viper
And who knows
Till we are done
That’s how it goes
You are the one

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