In an Instant

Oh What a Twisted World We Weave ~ Philip Brent

Oh What a Twisted World We Weave ~ Philip Brent

Oh, how the world has changed since I was born
Some days I feel lost, confused and quite forlorn
Will it matter that I cannot leave my past behind
When I feel harassed, harried by the daily grind

The world around us has sped up as I slowed down
So much changed, I clutch the hem of time’s gown
Marvels undreamed, come to lead me by the hand
Lead me past mysteries to my egress, my last stand

Each corner turned reveals another stunning twist
No more, I cry, enough, but it’s pointless to resist
Each advance breeds others, as bunnies in a hutch
Bright youth will founder as life becomes too much

Every boon has an equal chance to become a curse
Medicine helps us live long, but for better or worse
If I live to one-hundred plus, cannot think or walk
What good’s that, when I can neither fight nor balk

If I can think, walk and talk, how mobile might I be
If all my parts have been replaced, will I still be me
Put my brain, spirit in a body to last a million years
Should such advance allay or ignite my worst fears

We have learned so little since we became aware
Would a million years help us understand or care
Would we be bored and contemplate mass suicide
Go out together, one big bash, choosing earthicide

If it’s not that far, our medicine will be miraculous
Do you think it’s time to change, before we’re dust
We could repair, restore everything before our gaze
Heal our beleaguered planet, safe from our malaise

Our lust, greed and ennui slay our original being
Our rosy glass opaque, as we pretend we’re seeing
Be brave, speak only truth, though we may disagree
Through honest dialog, we can choose what will be

One last thing, then I promise I will hold my tongue
Despite all hope, all we’ll find under this or any sun
We must persevere, reach a tipping point to change
In an instant of cosmic time our world is rearranged

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