So Far, So Good

Long Dive

Long Dive

Paint, brushes and a blank canvas, where should I begin?
Decide what areas stay empty; what should be filled in
I can imagine my painting on a second-hand shop floor
Obscured by who knows what, banged into by the door

Maybe I’ll tickle someone’s fancy, so on the wall I’ll know
Yet, I hope I’ll be the rare find on the Antiques Road Show
That makes the person blush, throw up both their hands
Say, “Really?” and consider selling no matter their plans

Sentiment is wonderful and legacies a link through time
Money might get you in the club, help you begin to climb
I’d advise against the struggle, ease life in your own hall
It’s trite but true, the higher you climb, the harder you fall

Unless, like me, you’ve always yearned to be able to fly
You must first achieve great heights before you even try
I would be tempted, yet I know I never could or should
Off the hundred story tower, each floor, so far, so good

Stupid, I understand, though part of me thinks it great
Experiencing my most elusive dream, even come so late
I’d be falling, not flying, still I’d once have been on top
And, it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop!


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