How High?

Universal Lotus

Universal Lotus

Now, we have come finally to our witching hour
When we must decide if we will claim our power
Myself, I begin to think it has become too late
Yet we still must choose, there is no time to wait

What our nation, our world might once have been
Our glory days barely remembered, are rarely seen
Haves and nots, growing so far apart it’s not funny
The middle now gone, just old, new and no money

Ivory towers no longer just academes, intellectuals
Only robber-barons who walk in silent marble halls
Diffident staff,  too soon to be replaced by machines
Rejecting human contact, while they have the means

High barricades and razor wire keep away the masses
Who daily sink more, extend the gap between classes
Yet, if those on the bottom can stand atop one another
With sister helping sister and brother helping brother

Until they rise above all walls, reach up, touch the sky
No longer any reason to analyze wherefores or whys
By transcending darkness, we will renounce fey time
Destroying any arbitrary limit how high we can climb


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