Dressed in Motley Camouflage


Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

What would you do, if you could do anything?
Are you sure?

Who would you be, if you could be anyone?
Do you know why?

Who would help, if you could help anyone, anywhere?
How would you choose?

Have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is?
Why, or why not?

Do you think these questions are important to ask?
What answers do you want?


Some of these questions seem to have simple answers.
They don’t.

They don’t include the changes, permutations and ramifications which would result.
How could they?

None of the results of your decisions have been considered.
What would they be?

Are your hopes and dreams, your help, wanted or needed?
Time will tell.


What you would do tells you what you think you should be doing.
Why else would you want to do it?

Who you want to be, speaks to who you imagine you could become.
Think about it?

The people you would help explain who you are, what you believe.
These are your values, the core of your being..

Whether or what you’ve thought about the state of the world reflects your circumstances.
If day-to-day life, just surviving, is all consuming, the less you care about the answer and the more important this question becomes.

I believe these questions matter, because our answers could change everything.


What would I do, if I could do anything?
I would be an artist, a thinker and writer. This is what I’ve always wanted, even when I didn’t know it.

Who would I be, if I could be anyone?
For the first time in a long time, if ever, I choose to be myself. I’m unique, the only me we’ve got.

Who would I help, if I could help anyone?
I would try to help wake up the world to the need for a radical change, a new paradigm. This is at the core of my being.

I have thought much about why the world is the way it is.
This must be understood, before we can make a change.


Dressed in motley camouflage, balanced on a cusp of time where we may tip one way or the other
Fall back to fight our dirty wars, or create a new world sublime where we all live in peace together
Oh no, conflict will not end when we put away our fatal toys, we’ll argue, contest in sport and word
No more guns, bombs or missiles send, no need to take control, when we at last have reached accord



  1. Simple as it seems, none if it easy to achieve. I am an adult, but do not know who I am or what I’d like to be. Every day things change and I’m never quite the same. If the world could change then so must I, but we live in a rut with the devil we know. Nice piece.


    1. When the devil we know becomes more frightening the the devil we don’t know (often imagined but unknown) that’s when we’ll make a change. This works at every level, I believe.

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      1. Yes, of course. Happens every 4 or 8 years in the White House.


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