You’re a Real Card ~ Part 5 ~ Clubs

Nothing but the Whistle and the Steam

Nothing but the Whistle and the Steam

You’re a Real Card ~ Part 5 ~ Clubs

Clubs, while neither good nor bad on their own are often associated with war
In baseball and cricket these clubs are called bats, while in golf just clubs, fore
Just as a hammer is a specialized club which can build up, bring things together
Names assign purpose, cudgel or sap, may hit like the moon or light as a feather

In the autumn as trees swing back and forth in the wind, leaves fall to the ground
So do clubs swing and fall, there’s no rhyme to it all, at least none that I have found
And though all the growth succumbs to the cold and lays itself bare to the weather
Life is always, only choice, what we make it, whether we work alone or all together

Ace:    This is a small club but with plenty of power
Don’t be fooled by its size or think it’s dour

Lesson: Sometimes we don’t see things for what they truly are, and that’s a mistake.

Deuce: So you plan to beat and bash your way to the top
Sometimes minor details will cause you to stop

Lesson:           Sometimes our best efforts with the wrong intent will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Three: This may just to be another choice like one made before
Though comparing them often won’t tell you much more

Lesson:           Sometimes analyzing similar choices will leave us no wiser about how to proceed.

Four:   Fours, like the number of suits in the deck, available, but no need to play
Still waiting and watching may prove not the best move to carry the day

Lesson:           While we are able not to pursue all the options provided, we may find delay costly.

Five:    You have moved the club five from here to there, trying to free its brother
Or you see it in the cards you hold, but no effort can change it for another

Lesson:           No matter how many times you check or try to maneuver your choices, you may not succeed.

Six:     Sometimes you can’t find or see the card you are lacking, it’s hidden away
Or it is the only card you need to reach your goal, so you may shout hurray

Lesson:           Any piece of the puzzle which is missing may cause the failure of the whole.

Seven: Here’s another card needed that you can’t find despite your best effort
Don’t grow frustrated, give up and throw the cards down, simply abort

Lesson:           Sometimes it is better to admit defeat and start over, rather than struggling in vain.

Eight: Even when all the cards can be seen, sometimes they cannot be reached
Nothing will changes the cards or the fall, no matter what luck is beseeched

Lesson:           No matter how many resources seem to be available, they won‘t work if they don’t fit together.

Nine:   The win that we you’re striving to make may seem well nigh when you start
Hoping alone will not make it so, that is like putting the horse before the cart

Lesson:           Desire is essential to reaching your goals, but it not will succeed without preparation.

Ten:     You’ve searched and maneuvered to the knight, the keeper of the keys to the gate
All the while you stand at the wall ignoring the gate; look around before it’s too late

Lesson:           Sometimes, no matter what you do, you won’t succeed. When it’s over, it’s over.

Jack:    This fellow is stuck in solitaire limbo and it’s really pissing you off
Laugh, move on to a new start, to the game your cap you must doff

Lesson:           Negative attitude and intent may manifest in your inability to achieve you goal.

Queen: You once courted this queen ardently, before you turned, chose her sister
She’ll not easily forget or forgive you, don’t come around her again, mister

Lesson:           Sometimes when you don’t take advantage of an opportunity, it may never be available again.

King:   This king would be the pinnacle, the object of the game; you’ve won it all
Though sometimes through no fault of yours you’ll never see this king at all

Lessons: Some games are lost before they even begin. Face it and move on.


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