A Pleasant Meander




While on a recent idyll, a most pleasant meander
I stopped a while to chat with a fiery salamander
He dimmed his flames, we talked of rain and wind
And all the little embers his sisters meant to send

He sent me then down the path to see a mighty oak
Said she was most jolly and we might share a joke
Alas her leaves had fallen, she stood sound asleep
Reluctantly I then went on to meet a brilliant sheep

How can a sheep be brilliant I know you want to ask
Telling you the reasons here would be an arduous task
I’ll just say that sheep, so wise, explained what to do
To make you smile, so hope this brings a laugh to you



  1. Oh, I LOVE this one. Especially the imagery surrounding the salamander. Lovely!


    1. Thanks. It’s one of my slips into whimsy.


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