Would You Ever Think?


Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Rhyming words, so it seems to me just now, is easier than working
While many others will disagree, swear to me they know I’m shirking
Of course rhymes mostly pay no money, or, at the very best, very little
Though some folks would still complain were I to only sit and whittle

Whittling’s fine if wood’s the thing that leaves you feeling oh so weak
Would you ever think your truth might be found in wood, or so to speak
Since words will rhyme just the same, whether meaningful or witless be
Though all rappers would turn their noses up, if you ever mentioned me

We must, sometimes, step far away from all we think, believe to matter
Too much seriousness I’ve heard can make your brain crack and  shatter
You might think you can guess where this is going, not where you think
Standing on the bottom rung, your bell might ring, hit by the kitchen sink

So now I think it time, I must stop, for this poem has gotten rather silly
So you don’t think that I’ll join what’s trending, with a toothless hillbilly
Though I won’t beg, entreat or sink so low to reach your pearl-bud ears
Since you know I’m always serious, which should allay your worst fears


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