In an Instant


Modern Ruins

Modern Ruins

Sometimes in deep hours of night, insomniac, I think I know the answer
While other times, in the brightest light of day, I’m much less certain
Perhaps my problem is I don’t really even know the question to ask here
When will ever I have a moment to learn, while I face such a heavy burden

I’m talking about my usual daily grind, not any of the major milestones
Please don’t imagine facing  grief, death, divorce or other major changes
It’s often just emptying the trash, washing dishes or answering the phone
These easy essentials can push me over the  brink, as life again rearranges

No possible point in making detailed plans, no point in living for the future
This moment, instantly gone, gone again, all we’ll ever have or ever know
Duck! Oh well, I warned you much too late, you’re in ER you need a suture
But crisis looms the smallest fraction of reality, life goes where it will go

Though I know my mood, my mien, my attitude, does affect my daily time
All too easy, I find, I slip down into deadly darkness, fears, baseless worries
When others, callous, unthinking attack me, treat me as if I’m less than slime
I and only I can choose to ingest their bitter bile, accept, believe their stories

Our modern western world is fraught with endless, pointless must-have stuff
So full of sound and fury, we forget to stop, to glory in a wondrous sunset
Most of us, running hard in order to keep pace, almost never see the sunrise
How have we learned to ignore, forget what matters, it’s gone with no regret

Those dear and closest, kith and kin, community, support, hearth and home
Storytelling, art, music, sharing, hope, humanity, compassion love and joy
Such as these are of prime importance no matter where or when we roam
Instead we squeeze in still more trivia, play with the world, our home like a toy

Have we not shown a whit of growth as we’ve advanced our way to here
Don’t we understand that there’s a choice, that soon we must surely choose
The razor’s edge we caper and teeter upon runs both extremely sharp and shear
It’s time we drop our toys of war, greed and hate, and step away, or we lose

The bullies at the top still dictate when, where and what games we’ll play
While most people must struggle just to survive, or often something even less
Are we grown, grown mute, or simply frightened, afraid to demand our say
Afraid we will paint a giant, bright-red bulls eye target on our quivering breast

Not me, although I do not believe we should die martyrs for our sensible plea
Instead we must speak until we are heard, we must decide we’ll have a future
Where everyone, is considered, cared for, cherished, it’s just common decency
Not socialism, as if that could matter, only simply kindness, sense, clean and pure

Those among us who have gained and grown thoughtful in our new-won maturity
Must act as mentors, guides, parents, to help our wayward kindred learn and grow
If not, they or their heartless masters will destroy us all, or something much worse
It will not matter then, how can it, when we have finally laid ourselves so  very low

I hope we do not destroy all life, leave a verdant, thriving world wasted, barren
Where even one small sprig of green grass will find not even one small place to grow
Do we believe we are so important we’d risk all, destroying everything, everyone
If we alone disappear, in an instant we’ll be forgotten, with nothing left to care, to know


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