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Very Superstitious?

  Friday, twelve, thirteen, thirteen, might it be a double whammy? Do thoughts, talk of superstition make your hands feel clammy? Knock on wood, upon your desk? Or for now just use your head? No telling what this might be made of now, is it tanked instead? Toss the spilled salt over your left shoulder, […]

A glowing orb reflects itself in opposition.

Redefining War and Peace

War, armies, death, destruction, terror, horror and fear fill our news and our days. These are all very real and frightening, but I believe war deserves a broader definition, as does peace. War is not simply armed troops shooting at each other and all the specific and collateral damage from the way we wage war […]


 With the one-year anniversary of the tragic murder of elementary school students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut this Saturday, I decided to repost the following, which first appeared here and on the Daily Kos in February of 2013.  I have chosen today to post this so the families of Newtown […]

This I Know

  This man writes constantly about peace and war. What is he saying? Writes and writes some more, has he become a bore? He abjures praying. He is trying to point out we’re more than broken. How we balk. Does he think he’s the only one who’s played this token? Is it all just talk? […]

The Myth of Twos

  Not long ago for no sure reason, in quiet, I felt completely lost Why I could not then and cannot now fathom any meaning here Arguing the genesis of this dark emotion or mayhap a future cost Frankly, it worried me, filled me with an unknown, unnamed fear Where everything I could devise, create, […]

Ad Perpetuam Memoriam

Some days it rains and some days the sun does shine Doesn’t really matter much when I make them mine Yet if I’m low, dreary rain may blind me to the truth Other days, though rain mocks me, I am hail and soothe My thoughts don’t turn the world, or my feelings seasons Both rain […]

Let’s Pretend

  Some people think that to do anything there is only one way I don’t know how they can believe this no matter what they say But small minds only hold small ideas with nothing left spare With no room then to reason, choose and nothing they can share When confronted with world problems they […]

Someday Soon

  When I was a younger man, I’d tell you I thought I knew so much stuff I’m sure I believed I was more than smart and I knew more than enough It’s amazing I’ve found how much I’ve learned since, how smart become With help and luck, during my life between the short span […]

Does It Matter?

The world is full of liars, some good and some bad. Does it really matter? Storytellers, since ancient times, have told us stories that never ever were Mayhap happened not in the way the tales were told, for drama, for effect To seek the deepest truth of who we are, how we feel, and what […]

Enough, Just Enough

  Time is money, money is time, though I’d like to see you eat either one The tokens we value, believe have worth, are extremely puzzling to me It’s symbolic I realize, they can provide little to no shelter by themselves Yet we treat them as real, pursue them with zeal, cry if we miss […]