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Someday Soon

  When I was a younger man, I’d tell you I thought I knew so much stuff I’m sure I believed I was more than smart and I knew more than enough It’s amazing I’ve found how much I’ve learned since, how smart become With help and luck, during my life between the short span […]

Does It Matter?

The world is full of liars, some good and some bad. Does it really matter? Storytellers, since ancient times, have told us stories that never ever were Mayhap happened not in the way the tales were told, for drama, for effect To seek the deepest truth of who we are, how we feel, and what […]

Enough, Just Enough

  Time is money, money is time, though I’d like to see you eat either one The tokens we value, believe have worth, are extremely puzzling to me It’s symbolic I realize, they can provide little to no shelter by themselves Yet we treat them as real, pursue them with zeal, cry if we miss […]

What If?

  What if you could create anything, paint like the greatest artist ever seen Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Gentileschi, Rousseau, Magritte, Cassatt, Ditko, Kane No doubt, I haven’t named your favorite, your one and only most fine The list is so long, I could fill up every notebook that I have ever owned Then I could […]

What Need?

  I heard a question most recently Which I must say puzzled me Seriously someone asked, you see For what do we have any need For tigers to walk among the trees? And while I pondered, I realized I could never, ever compromise So, seriously, I ask you now, why What need have tigers wandering […]

That Is Not It, That Is Not It At All

Please note: The following is about the movie Captain Phillips. I don’t believe it contains any spoilers, especially since the ending is a foregone conclusion. Some may not agree with me, so be warned. I feel impelled and qualified to write this for three reasons. First and weakest, I have a degree in film with […]

Life’s Own Story

  Every life has its own story, a thread in the growing time tapestry How could anyone even dare to believe they know which anchors it Which strands fill the warp, the weft, support the surface pattern Bright colors may stand out against the dun, but fade like all the rest Humanity wrongly believes our […]