You’re a Real Card

Bright Days in a Strange Ocean

Bright Days in a Strange Ocean

Although I think you might not care
Herewith I will set down, begin to share
Many simple life lesson that I swear
I learned while playing at solitaire

My explication might sound like fluff
For this game played sitting on your duff
How could anyone ever play enough
To learn any life lesson, simple or tough

While living each and every day in pain
My left knee shot, so walking’s a strain
Not the first time, so I’ll hear the refrain
What, you’re kidding, surgery again?

Still, my wife, love of my life, takes pity
Sympathizing with my infirm capacity
When surgery’s over and the recoup gritty
Her gift, an electronic solitaire game, witty

So I played and played and played some more
Played until I could walk out of my door
Decided my electronic game to store and ignore
Where it languished, sure I would play no more

Until many years later, ten, five, seven, six
My poor tired body once again needed a fix
One shoulder and then the other are the picks
Found by accident, my game will do its tricks

As I played, I grew crazed, almost to obsession
And gradually I noticed these small life lessons
Nothing you would ever need to pass a test on
But might just keep a smile as your expression

So now my background story is told from the start
My solitaire dues paid in whole, not simply in part
What my subconscious taught me, I’ll impart
So pay attention, since we will start with a Heart

Come back tomorrow or soon and we will begin
Perhaps you’ll find reasons to ponder or grin
Or wonder if I’m locked in prison or a loony bin
Maybe I’ll tell you if you promise to look in

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