You’re a Real Card Part 2 ~ Things you may need to know, or not, as we proceed

You Are Getting Sleepy
You Are Getting Sleepy

What I learned and decided by reason
It helped to think of each suit as a season
It helped me choose and I found it pleasin’
While the lessons I learned proved legion

Much has been written and said about cards
Finding symbols for life is really not very hard
Fifty-two cards and weeks in a year, said the bard
But reading in too much, I’d be on my guard

Weeks in each season match the cards in a suit
Card spots, they say, equal days in a year to boot
If you find this fascinating, then dig for the root
Internet research may be a profitable pursuit

Hearts bloom in spring along with the new flowers
We feel happy and blessed, the way this empowers
Intuition to know that good may soak us in showers
With love and great hope we build mighty towers

Diamonds seem like are assets, bright summer sun
Not only money, possessions, or things we’ve won
But shelter and food, dignity, it evens means fun
Anything that adds to our life, the web we have spun

Clubs strip autumn leaves like bludgeons and hate
Envy greed, disregard, retribution, can you relate
Thoughts and emotions which drag us down, deflate
Defeated by negative feelings, stop before it’s too late

I’ve decided that Spades are the long winter for me
Contemplation and a to decide who we might be
Thinking and planning, digging deep, can’t you see
As sometimes the simplest thought can prove key

But remember my values are arbitrarily assigned
The don’t really signify what’s trouble or what’s benign
There’s really nothing here, either ordinary or divine
Lessons will start right on time, sure hope that’s fine

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