Someday Soon


Actual Intention

Actual Intention

When I was a younger man, I’d tell you I thought I knew so much stuff
I’m sure I believed I was more than smart and I knew more than enough
It’s amazing I’ve found how much I’ve learned since, how smart become
With help and luck, during my life between the short span of 62 and 21

Even now, I still know more than plenty, but life’s grown more complex
At least that’s the way it feels to me now, with an ever-lengthening index
It’s not just the more I think, the more I realize I’ve become more dumb
Wisdom, a curse and boon, to which, hopefully, we all may soon succumb

I see the world so differently; I’m not supposed to have, know any answers
Yet everyone still turns, moves in painful lock step, birth-to-death dancers
Someone must proclaim truth, yell cut, to choreograph steps due overlong
For we dance life upon a knife’s sharp edge, one step and it could all go wrong

So I will continue to resist, rebel, change my lines, not play my chosen part
Since  most are worried more about the cast, the crew, horse before the cart
Never realizing that we are in the wrong production so earnestly do we care
While a meager few shout, stop, unheard, we’re driven to fix what is here

That’s the problem by and large, so very concerned with the current wrong
We find not a moment taken, to step back, listen for a different muse’s song
So if I must, I’ll sing all alone, tell you of the stuff I have learned since age 21
Hope someday soon someone will hear me, join me, see what we can become

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