Ad Perpetuam Memoriam



Some days it rains and some days the sun does shine
Doesn’t really matter much when I make them mine
Yet if I’m low, dreary rain may blind me to the truth
Other days, though rain mocks me, I am hail and soothe

My thoughts don’t turn the world, or my feelings seasons
Both rain and sunlight needed, the body has its reasons
We decide, choose our mood, no matter what we’re told
We may turn the blackest night into a day of shining gold

What happens, our feeling, apart are not cause and result
I don’t doubt your feelings or offer you the slightest insult
Our world is fraught with tragedy which deals a heavy blow
There’s good as well, miracles, we choose which way we go

It’s difficult to watch the news, fear and danger everywhere
A global madness in which we may decide, not to even share
Read a book, take a walk, stop, create anything that you can
Most believe us divinity‘s children, every woman, every man

Wars waged for faith, religion, just make me despair today
Did all the thou shall not kills vanish into thin air, fade away
We call these battles holy, yielding truth and, oh yes, freedom
We kill in the name of religion, not what we say we believe in

What point religion anyway, it lets us act like willful children
Say we’re sorry at the gates, confess and be ushered within
The inmates run our crazy house, don’t let them win the day
I think we should lock the doors, windows, simply walk away

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