Let’s Pretend


Life Explodes

Life Explodes

Some people think that to do anything there is only one way
I don’t know how they can believe this no matter what they say
But small minds only hold small ideas with nothing left spare
With no room then to reason, choose and nothing they can share

When confronted with world problems they can only stop, stare
Global implies fullness, roundness, but you won’t find that here
For this inability to think, imagine, change, we all will daily pay
They’re blinded by their view of truth which just gets in the way

How can we persuade them, change them, somehow win the day
Can we find a chink in their armor to let in light, even a single ray
So many of them sit in seats of power they put us in an awful bind
They stand staunchly, block our view, we might as well be blind

I’ll tell you what, let’s walk away, pretend that we no longer mind
Start a new game somewhere else and leave them all far behind
Passive resistance at its best, we don’t engage, we don’t even stay
By the time they realize what has happened we’ll have won the day

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