You’re a Real Card ~ Part 4 ~ Diamonds

Orange Is the New Kind Chat Noir

Orange Is the New Kind Chat Noir

Sparkling diamonds sharp and gleaming summer bright
Carry the promise of the Spring into the new day’s light
Everything is focused, clearer  on a sunny, summer day
You can take on the whole wide world, live life your  way

Bright-red suffuses the early-morning summer sunrise
As you briskly stride, your chosen road before you lies
Buoys you up, carries your hopes, dreams along each day
So you believe nothing and no-one  stands in your way


Ace:    A single diamond shines like sparkling dew
Another small beginning, but just for you

Lesson:           How you choose to feel is stronger and more important than what happens.

Deuce:             Nourishing sun and the ever-changing moon
Lead us through the summer days, call the tune

Lesson: Just as solitaire is a game of opposites, life, too, has light and dark.

Three: Three tiny diamonds form a pattern begin a tale
Only when complete will you your friends regale

Lesson: Small beginnings may lead to great things, but don’t celebrate before your goal is reached.

Four:   These four make a diamond, where children run and play
A field to show simplicity and fun may still win the day

Lesson:           Relax and enjoy life through all its ups and downs. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Five:    Summer crops shoot upward reaching for the radiant sun
Tend them carefully till harvest, only then have you won

Lesson:           Seeing and having good things happen may make us careless. Beware.

Six:     You can almost taste the glory now of what you produce
Remember, drive the engine, don’t ride in the caboose

Lesson:           Pay attention. If you do you may be able to avoid or mitigate unexpected difficulties.

Seven:             Lucky seven, you are closer now than you have ever been
Your future sparkling rainbows, will a pot of gold be seen

Lesson:           Everything is working well. Don’t be distracted by false promises or honeyed words.

Eight: Success grows ever nearer, it’s harder now to wait
But moving too soon is just as bad as moving too late

Lesson:           When all you’ve planned and hoped for appears before you, don’t leap before you’ve looked.

Nine:   Oddly life is balanced now, a palindromatic equation
If this keeps up it may soon be time for a celebration

Lesson:           Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t assume it is already yours.

Ten:     Now it’s time for you to shine and stride up to the plate
You’re the person for this job. Pull it off and you’ll feel great

Lesson:           No matter how your plans go or your actions, you must take responsibility for what happens.

Jack:    Does this fellow have diamonds on the soles of his shoes
Whatever comes to pass is because of how you choose

Lesson:           No matter what happens in life, you must choose how you respond. That’s all that matters.

Queen: A lovely lass, diamond bright and consort too the king
Only through her graciousness may you your suit bring

Lesson:           Despite your best and most earnest efforts, you may need help to succeed.

King:   The day is here, it’s harvest time andyou have stayed ever wakeful
Greet and salute the summer sun and show that you are grateful

Lesson:           No matter how arduous or noble your task, how fierce your labors, thank those who helped you.

And now we’re half-way home, though above it says Part 4,
Only two suits now remain to learn from and their help secure

So come back Friday next and then the one after and I’ll complete this poem
The reading’s light, there will be no quiz before all cheer and then go home.


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