Simply This

Simply This

                                                        Doppelganger ~ Philip Brent Harris


Could I withstand a thousand blows,
while they brought me to my knees?
No matter if they’re real, metaphoric;
it’s all the same, to me, if you please.
It’s not my body which must survive
but my spark of spirit carried within.

We see people who suffer every sin,
far greater than one thousand blows.
We can’t feel the slights or slanders,
degradation and pain, stress, tedium
incurred in the hopes of doing right.
Every blow felt is notice, day, night.

Is it lessons they’re meant to learn,
they whose tribulations weigh more
than any human flesh meant to bear,
just what happens, random chance?
Life and hope don’t cease to matter
when our trials overwhelm our life.

While some may sink as others soar,
all of us. Simply this, nothing more.

I believe existence becomes richer,
when we own it as our own, alone.
No providence, no fate, no god, no
heaven, no hell, no other, only all.
To claim our lives is not to abjure
deity, but don its mantle, our own.

To understand then, we partake of
a giant, ancient being, our cosmos,
whose age is time’s duration, ever
and always, length, breadth, being,
birth to death, as, in every moment.
Pendulum swings, elation, torment.

We fear some unknown future door
calls us. Simply this, nothing more.

“What hubris.” I hear, by you yelled
from near me, whispered into my ear.
It’s neither hubris nor is it resistance,
but surrendering, here, now, forever,
to understand every incarnation will
be distinct, but part of one existence.

Some might more fully participate in
this crazy party, that we all call life,
consume its love, joy, pain, sorrow,
as birth, death, war, brutality, strife.
Know opposites exist for all things,
not good or bad, parts equals whole.

While this is true, will always remain
truth, at times, there’ll be imbalance.
Climate change, natural, accelerated
by us, too hot, too cold. Earth fights
what harms its being, overpopulation,
pollution, predation and endless war.

Each to alter the future, untold lore
foretold. Simply this, nothing more.

No matter how, how well, I express
these, my ideas, I believe them true.
Others may disprove them, explain
them in a better way, that will help
you, me, anyone and everyone learn,
to understand our existence owns us.

No outside force to bear our burdens,
take away our pain, fear and madness.
Opposites viewed in darkness, seen in
light are our phases, shadowed by the
light glinting from the scales of being,
swinging from birth to death and back.

What, who, waiting on a distant shore,
us, not us. Simply this, nothing more.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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