To Laugh and Cry

To Laugh and Cry

                                                   Pattern Recognition ~ Philip Brent Harris


I would be the blazing lantern to
guide us, when darkness comes.
Not the stubby candle that melts
away to nothing, to be soon gone.
Nothing left, no thought, no song.

I would be the compass to lead us,
If I knew where we were in bright
sunlight, saw the pole star at night.
I may choose, a random direction.
Would you follow, right or wrong.

I do not ask you to agree to this or
anything, ever, just try to get along.
Here’s learning and here’s wisdom,
which don’t always cooperate, try
not love thy neighbor, eye for eye.

At some point, we will ken the truth,
brief harmony, fragile balance point,
find Earth married to our blue sky.
Joining the sun, the firmament, going
forth, scattered as seeds across space.

We seek, like all seeds, for fertile soil,
the spiraling of our cosmic DNA coil.
Life springs to reach the sun; we’ll try
until we live across the universe in all
possibilities, living life to love and cry.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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