Blue Screen Cafes

Blue Screen Cafes

                                                        Feeding Time ~ Philip Brent Harris


What do expect, from texts,
Just the usual suspects?
How would that be,
With life the fee?
Head down,
Smile or frown,
Attention, intention locked
In a little box, a pox.

Yet only letters in a row,
Like any word we don’t know.
Shorthand, perhaps,
But often slaps.
Is there reason to listen,
Moments to make eyes glisten,
Or living in the dark,
Perpetual question mark?

Intimates may read more,
Though hardly amore.
More where we are from.
Constantly in touch,
Not connected, not much.
Work and school,
May save us fools.

Workplaces and classrooms,
Not growing mushrooms,
May saves us as a species;
Ain’t no pile of steaming feces.
Not perfect, but close,
As interaction goes
To no-text zones,
No typed words, no phones.

What we can’t expect from texts
Procreation, you know, sex
People-filled rooms, blue-screen lit
Abbreviated meanings, no wit
Unless we join tighter than a suture
We may have no future
Till blue-screen cafes gain respect
Where it’s ok to have sex, and text


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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