Patterns ~ Philip Brent Harris


Who are you, when you’re not truly you?
Who do people see, when they’re with you?
Who would you be, if you could be anyone?
Who is it, others have chosen you must be?

What will happen, if you don’t like yourself?
What role do you play, do you play the most?
What roles do you play to appear successful?
What would you change about you, society?

When do you decide, if ever, not to act roles?
When do people decide you may not choose?
When does your family learn to tweak you?
When people trap you, how do you escape?

Where will you end up, if nothing changes?
Where will you end up, if nothing changes?
Where can you find hope, in our madness?
Where would you go, if you could decide?

Why do I keep writing the words you read?
Why do peruse what I say; might it matter?
Why do you believe we can or can’t go on?
Why does life upset you; can you change it?

How complicated are the roles in your life?
How much do your roles confuse you daily?
How old were you, when you chose to play?
How much depends on nature versus nurture?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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