I Will Wait

I Will Wait

                                                                  City of the Sun ~ Philip Brent Harris


I sense I am on the verge, terra incognito.
Vast, unlimited potential, possibility, still
unknown, glowing, the aura of discovery.
How may I explain without sounding as if
I am lavishing on myself undue praise, or
my mind has slipped; I’ve become a fool?
In writing, painting, creating, manifesting
mastery; not falling into a hidden crevasse,
arriving at a distant oasis, merely a mirage.

Artist, thinker, philosopher, poet, so what?
Words, my words, sound inadequate, even
to me, uneven, especially to me, to express
my hope and fear, my doubt, my ambition.
Nearly the close of the 68th year of my life,
feeling both old and young simultaneously,
Maybe, I’m dreaming, when I feel a reality
where I’m near, nearly ready to step up, be,
become the person I chose, was born to be.

While, one small wisdom speaks the truth
I am mature, that if I did not, do not wake
tomorrow, I’d still be content. I have lived
fully; I have loved, I’ve been loved fully.
Accepting, we didn’t always agree, yet we
compromised. When we didn’t please the
other, ourselves, we stayed lovers, friends.
Through it, we knew what mattered most;
we laughed and we shared and we cared.

I have made good friends, mislaid some.
Only time shall reveal what it has meant.
As in all things in life, the future judges.
Still, no matter what it decides, reveals,
I, as well as you and everyone we know
and, anything and anyone we conceive,
ultimately, we’ve played our character.
The part we played essential to balance
a dichotomy we often fail to recognize.

It is duality, helical, like DNA, RNA,
spinning tandem, neither worth more.
All play a part we chose, if well or ill,
entering, exiting, with what is needed
for the story to progress, it’s ordained.
It’s not our story or a particular story
but a long tale in which we take part.
We cannot remember our being, there
for the beginning, that is also the end.

We cannot recall parts we’ve played;
all essential, contributing, tragedy or
comedy,  major or minor, in-between.
Despite ,because, my intuition tells me
today, as every day, a good day to die.
While I, in no way, court my final bow,
To you, my love, I say, remember, ever
and always, when the time will one day
come, I will wait, walk with you again.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. Such a powerful poem!

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  2. Thank you so much, for reading and your comment. Both are greatly appreciated.


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