Pale Reflections

Pale Reflections

                                                           Pale Reflections ~ Philip Brent Harris


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


Shadows of trees, which do not exist,
extinguished by sudden, bright lights.
Four musicians, in white, tux jackets,
take the stage, like waiters to serve us
some succulent moments, Beethoven.

I wonder about their histories and any
tales to share; what brings them here?
Hear the morose larghetto of the cello,
the bright, dancing steps of the violins.
Point, counterpoint, conflict, harmony
mirrors all of this life’s richness, variety.

Now, one musician picks up the lead,
asking questions, which all the others
repeat or respond to, searching for the
routes they shall follow, must follow.
Notes, stepping stones, up and down.

Some, precarious, alone, rising high.
Others, like stones in a rushing river,
players always keeping to a practiced
route, though hazards can always wait.

Then, the passage broadens and slows,
sails languidly along a clovered shore.
Leisurely pace lulls both us and them,
until we see sail upon a funeral barge.

It eases the passage of greatness on its
strength, stately voyage all may watch,
and bow our heads or bend our knees.
We marvel at what we’ve never seen,
heard before, as their swelling voices
rise in praise and sing of a resolution,

Slowly, slowly, the moment passes till
all might hear and partake of greatness.
Our past glides slowly toward the dock.
Stately, we disembark, carrying the bier
through the glory of the world, its future.

Witnessing seasons upon seasons, Winter
icicles snapping, a whip’s stinging crack,
and falling from trees, without warning.
The trees shake their limbs, cast off cold
and don the bright green robes of Spring.

As the world renews and life bursts forth.
Shoots growing to the nature of their seed,
to the buzz and whine of insects and bees.
Amidst birdsong, baby animal cries grow
deeper as the world climbs skyward into
the ripe maturity of summer’s sunshine.

As cooling follows into somber autumn,
finding the world singing low, exploding
into glorious colors, a brilliant last gasp,
ere trees sleep, drop leaves in their time,
and by their nature or staying ever green.

All collect snow and ice on their branches.
Small animals scurry under a white mantle
as fox and wolf hunt above, bring danger.
Some struggle, others slumber for a time,
competing and completing life’s returning,
a composer’s and writer’s pale reflections.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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