They Might Grow Up

They Might Grow Up

                                               Boneyard Brand ~ Philip Brent Harris


It is time to put people over politics, country over capitulation and world over wealth.


Emergency, emergency, everybody to clear the streets,
The extremists are coming, the extremists are coming.
Guns carried openly on the hip or hidden under arm;
they will tell you it’s only the bad folks they will harm.

Unless, of course they’re the bad guys; that’s only fair,
else, might shoot anyone for gender, religion or hair.
While a child may find a pistol hung up for the night,
it’s accidental, if someone else is shot; that’s all right

If anyone else’s children are at risk in lands far away,
don’t send them here, ain’t like us; we arrived to stay.
They will give us their diseases, even worse than that;
we let ’em stay, they might grow up, vote democrat,

grow up healthy, steal our jobs,  then steal our land.
So, call me nuts, somebody here must make a stand,
We’re but a hodgepodge, if you check our ethnic past.
That’s quite enough, we don’t want more at our repast.

Don’t fret, now we have the swagger,wild-west style.
Many enemies must be shot and it might take a while.
So if we take out more than a few friendlies each day,
we think freedom precious, when you think our way.

So watch your back, watch your front, keeping wary.
Invest in Kevlar while there’s time; life’ll be less scary.
Don’t worry you’ll be victim,  happens now and then,
if not, you’ll doubtless live your three score and ten

Live it up, go deep in debt, what do you have to lose,
reaper perches upon your shoulder; you cannot refuse.
Yet accidents, heart attacks, other stuff to lay you low,
why be troubled guns and bullets might help you go?

Imagine this may be only how our world always works,
as plague, war, flood, fire around every moment lurks.
I just hope I’m long gone before we blow the place up.
If not, we may choose to drink the hemlock as we sup.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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