The Spaces Between

The Spaces Between

                                                       Basket Weave ~ Philip Brent Harris


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


Shall we talk then,
shall we sing,
discuss Rachmaninoff,
analyze Proust,
remembrance of future things?
Will you tell me
no one knows
what tomorrow brings?
As musicians fingers fly,
over strings, along the keys;
quickly, quickly,
come listen.
Not only notes, words,
intonation, intention,
momentary suspension
of belief, disbelief,
worry, care.
Moments in amber,
aria of strings
chase, flee,
point and counterpoint.
On point,
can we resist?
Carried along
a gentle stream,
ripples, dances,
entrances, grows, builds.
Not yet,
but do we hear
approaching rapids,
a mighty waterfall,
then, sudden silence?

We have come ashore.
Interludes of wonder
Breezes, leaves dancing–
We stand, awestruck.
Nature nurtures,
expands before
our ears,
our eyes,
miracles and wonders.
Wondering how
we have never
noticed, seen,
never imagined
this once,
before now?
The world’s touch,
when sound
and silence
hold equal sway.

The spaces
between spaces,
notes, motes,
light in darkness,
drifting stardust
fills our ears,
our eyes,
our hearts,
till we know,
this instant,
And have no fear,
shadow and bright
struggle eternally,
walking arm in arm.
The villain
comes crashing
into the peace,
pursuing a fair maiden,
an innocent child,
any wild thing,
beaten down,
yet undefeated.
Tension rises, builds,
accents sharp,
cutting, cutting off.
Everything taken
or ignored.
Lost without,
within life’s maze,
abhorred, neglected,
confused, refused,
refusing the offered
villain’s choice.
Their true desire
to possess that
which they may
never touch,
despite grasping.
Thus, it slips away.
So the chase
may begin again.
Softly and sweetly
as a mother’s kiss,
love powers
the turning
of the world.
Our tragedy
is not in this,
is not this;
that despite
all beauty,
wisdom, order,
all balanced
in nature mirrored,
is so rarely
or lived
a single day.
Until, sublime
creation is all
that makes me
want to remain.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. I love this piece. Everything about it, from the layout, the font, the word choices, the rhythm. It is just so evocative. A poem that really speaks to the heart, the mind and the spirit.


    1. Thank you. This is high praise indeed. Thank for reading.


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