Tangle Becomes Growth

Tangle Becomes Growth

                                                      Stained Glass Cathedral ~ Philip Brent Harris


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


Is our understanding misunderstanding depend
merely upon sounds we make, sounds we hear?
What you think you’ve heard, I think I’ve heard
Ultimately less clear, what we decide we heard.

We speak in so many tongues, with first this one
then that one, then another one’s lingua universal.
And if it’s the language you learned when young.
Do we understand each one who speaks it young?

We stand together, apart, viewing our vast world
each from their own perspective, their own angle.
A history, we’ve all created, stretches behind us,
a great tree, deeply rooted, with spreading limbs.

Despite our view, circle or sky, our limbs touch.
We tangle, connect, myriad and mystical ways
Often unintelligible, confusing, still together.
A secret, which all know, there’s only one tree.

So deep, distant in time, we all grow confused.
Think or pretend, our branch is the whole tree.
It is, but not your tree or my tree, but our tree.
See this and let entanglement become growth.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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