Paranoia Will Destroya

                                  Hidden in Plain Sight ~ Philip Brent Harris


Strange, disturbing and unnatural, the sight I witnessed earlier today,
two people, women, sitting outside, talking in the old-fashioned way.
No phones, smart or dumb, no tablets, no pads, no games, no e-readers,
could I detect anywhere. Should I go and warn our fear-filled leaders?

Anyone not plugged in twenty hours per day might miss the party line.
They might glimpse truth, spread sedition and that would not be fine.
And age was not the issue here, these two,  I’m sure were not seniors.
They looked right in the middle, since they so  clearly were not juniors.

If I should ever see or know or hear about a child aged ten or younger,
who is not electronically connected, in any way, I will start to wonder.
Should I go screaming through the neon-blasted night in panic, in fear,
certain that our doom has come upon us and that the end is very near?

If young people should become convinced, they should go out and play,
not busy stealing cars, killing people, while staring at their screen all day,
or that they want to talk to people, face to face, not just in bits and bytes,
our chances of survival have surely ended, we’ve already lost our fights.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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