No Place Safe to Stand

                                   Sailing the Edge ~ Philip Brent Harris


If you find something’s wrong don’t cast about looking for a reason
I’m the one to libel, always, I must honestly admit, this or any season
You think you’re wrong, you’re incorrect, I’ll swear an oath I did it
From simple misspelled words to atom bombs, for all I will take credit

The argument you had last night, though I was nowhere near it
Is all my fault, so please face facts, I’m why you landed in the shit
I alone kicked the hornet’s nest, awoke the sleeping bear and ran
So now there’s trouble everywhere, with no place safe to stand

Hostility, aggression, want and pain, you should look for me again
Global warming, genocide, plagues and storms all bear my name
You lost your keys, wallet, glasses, ran out of gas on a lonely road
Don’t look for me among the trees, I’m busy making you feel old

Your child just cried, I tripped her and popped your son’s balloon
Made sure that smelly, homeless drunk could stagger into that saloon
I throw the terrorist’s deadly bombs and slay with extended magazines
I kill the innocent, children, seniors and everyone that’s in between

Like death, I have no favorites, any fool or wise man works as well
Since nothing in this screwed-up world has changed as far as I can tell
The rich and powerful, the worst hold down the rest, foot on their necks
Notice not at all except if the shit gets on their shoes, even tiny flecks

I take responsibility for all the greedy ogres, arms dealers and pushers
Rapacious bankers, revolutionaries, pedophile priests and four flushers
Tea Party dupes, wealthy contributors and all those knee-jerk liberals
I speak for Fox News, MSNBC, and any who take the bible as literal

I claim the charge for any god, prophet or holy one that you can conceive
I’ll tell you it is all my fault that in this ritual and nonsense you believe
I’m sure I won’t convince you, so I’ll take the rap for its suffering and pain
As a way to try and stop the weary world, take a breath and start again

I’ll take your bullets, gunshot wounds, all your burdens, toil and pain
I’ll push to flush your barbaric, tribal paranoia down history’s long drain
Pile upon me all your grief, fear, greed, apathy, neglect and hopeless sorrow
So we might wake up to find a fresh new world, a bright new tomorrow

Blame me, I insist, you must, I would bear the weight of Atlas without a care
I stand here, guilty plea upon my lips, because you cannot conceive or dare
Willingly I take your transgressions, sins so we can stop, turn this mess around
My shoulders are broad enough to bear all guilt, peacefully, without a sound

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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