Random Thoughts on a Hot-skillet Mind

                                            BANG ~ Philip Brent Harris


Way late on a west-coast afternoon,
I think it a month or two past June.
Could I succeed despite many tries,
When time crawls, when time flies?

No matter what we choose, decide,
You deal with some you can’t abide.
Relatives and some you call friends,
You decide to enjoy it, or pretend.

News grows scarier each, every day.
Fools take actions which all must pay
While other meet, foment revolution
No-one will believe there’s a solution

How can it be that we can’t see sense
When we start wars on any pretense
The big picture so vast most can’t see
Why then does it seem obvious to me

Am I anyone you would heed, bother
When I am saying this thing, another
No one, sharing only what I conceive
Try my best to tell you what I believe

Every once upon a time embraces
No matter what trail any story paces
Happily ever after, end of the world
Death of a hero, the princess cured

True of history as well as any fiction
Eventual outcome inflicts restriction
All open paths to the future remain
If we screw it up we can’t complain

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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