Covered with Cat Hair

          Orange is the New Black ~ Philip Brent Harris


My desk sits by the window, covered with cat hair.
One chair leg is short, makes it wobble when I sit.
These, my poor excuses for my daily shirking bit,
So I go to check the frig, but I find there only air.

Everywhere I go I ride my bike with two flat tires,
Mostly to my local supermarketdrugstorebankcafe,
Where I can find everything I want, or so they say,
If all my needs are filled by junk that soon expires.

So I stock up on sundries, coffee, drugs and booze.
True essentials to keep my time-filled life so sunny,
Especially true now because I have so little money.
Oh wait, it seems I’ve nothing left to buy my food.

At least the local water still seems to come for free.
It’s fracked, I know; I will always get a bill to pay.
I will light them both, to heat my house, and pray.
As I eke out yet another sad, wasted day, sans fee.

I can hear you laugh, chortle, snigger, snort, giggle.
No fee, you say. How can you be such a simple fool?
My bill: stress, strain, hunger, fear; the system rules,
On an angler’s hook from which I cannot wriggle.

Wait, the bookstorebakerycardshopbookie tempts.
Brings me distraction, craving, condolences, hope.
Swapping sense, savvy for the latest soup or soap
All will wait there end to end; none can be exempt

So I wait my turn midst commerce’s jangling ring
Hearing what they say to do, to buy, to be, to think
Struggling against the beast, ever closer to the brink
Hoping my feeble cries others to their senses bring

If voices join to voices, strength to strength together
So we reach the tipping point; it’s there, never fear
Their water cannons can’t wash us all away, is clear
Until the pressure we bring results in better weather

Now the cat hair’s on my pants, the drapes, the floor
My wayward chair shimmed level with a random bill
I don’t think it said past due, but not long until it will
My words sent through the air, to add a pebble more


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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