What Was the Question?

Growing Stranger ~ Philip Brent

             Growing Stranger ~ Philip Brent

On that day which handed me my lunch
I arose at dawn, prepared to earn my pay
Bruised, battered, like I’ve taken a punch
Happening more often than I want to say
Life opines, some days you eat the bear
Others, it’s certain that the bear eats you
While I’d swear that I simply don’t care
You’d have to ask the bear if that is true
Erp, no ursine paw shields ursine muzzle
This well-fed fellow’s not even chagrined
Its choice as to the beverage it will guzzle
As it swipes a string of blood from its chin
It’s powerful and rich, with claw and fang
And alpha, so it lets others do all the work
Who would work hard for that bully gang
Better I swim in muck, find a place to lurk


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