All Our Winding Ways

Sailing the Edge ~ Philip Brent

  Sailing the Edge ~ Philip Brent

What are the ways
We navigate life
Paths we follow
What we choose
Life chooses for us
Locked in
Sterile cubicles
No matter
How, how much
We strive
To create
Make them ours

Locked in
To desks
To dos and don’ts
Our duties
Trapped in cells
Apps, smart phones
Toys and  gadgets
Budgets, burdens
Balls and chains
Can we ever
Escape, wing away
How many
Ever even try

Or the oligarchs
Hierophants, monarchs
Theocrats, technocrats
Wealthy, untouchable
Believing so
Holding court
In and from
Their thrones
Plush leather chairs
100th floor
Million-dollar views
So high
Cannot recognize
Moving bugs
So far below
As humans
Not only
To be
But also

Holding space
Between wage-slaves
Their masters
In the belief
They control
Above and below
Holding all
The strings and sticks
Unseen puppeteers
Marionettes and Muppets
Blinded by
Misperceived anonymity
Uncertain certainty

They will be
Pulled up short
A short, sharp shock
Pulled down
Beneath feet
Poorly shod
Shoes, boots
Designer knockoffs
Worn leather
Broken heels
Those who climb
Reaching for those
Who control all
The world entire
Without participation
Children playing
With their toys
Soldiers, ships
Planes, rockets
Guns, grenades
Missiles, mayhem
Money and power
Mere illusion
When we are
Called home

People who wander
Seemingly lost
Homeless, forsaken
Women, men
Our children
Mad prophets
Of mad profits
Fisher kings
Cat ladies
Seers and oracles
For the living
For the dead
Lost by accident
By choice
To remove masks
Worn by all
Yet not acknowledged
At greatest need
Aided when
No help
Is required

I believe
We are All
This and more
Bard or beggar
Laborer or lost
King or fool
Each and all
Wear their face
Begin and end
The same place
Bawling babes
Youth or aged
Hale or ailing
All inhale
One last breath
Feel our final
None better
None worse
We act
Well or whether
We survive
Are not questions
Only choices
Paths taken
As we wend
And walk
All our winding ways


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