Cannot Imagine

DW1 ~ Dreaming a New World ~ Philip Brent

Dreaming New Worlds ~ Philip Brent

Have you this modern truth brought home
Your devices, machines, smarter than you
With all their various prompts and screens
Your car and phone communicate; so new

New to me; I’m old, adult before this time
My first job, each file kept on paper alone
Eight jobs in, till a mainframe I must climb
Punch card holes, small steps into the zone

Workstations, aardvarks filling up the desk
Home computers, trash, fit to play a game
So we did not, in any way, ever feel at risk
We were told, all our problems they’d tame

The more problems we’re told they’ll solve
The more difficult it all appears to become
And each day you determine you’ll resolve
Your machines won’t make you feel dumb

Since early times it’s been our fate to resign
All labor saving devices make us work more
When life is automated we will never recline
Cannot imagine what machines have in store


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