Now or in the Future

Quitting Time ~ Philip Brent

Quitting Time ~ Philip Brent

Filled with chances
Wasted hours
Happy times
The path ahead
Carries us onward
Up a distant hill
Stops will we make
Steps will we take
Missed friends
Through fear, reason
Challenges we’ll add
To our path’s trials
As we climb
Yearn for the crest
Believing it will reveal
An easy path
Toward home

What of adventures
Quests for riches
Fraught with danger
Growth and change
Fate hanging
By a slender hair
A slight breeze
May lift us on high
Tumble us to our doom
And when our trek
Has seen us
Wend and end
Our weary way
Will we
Or anyone
Now or in the future
Understand our meaning


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