Pandora’s Shadow

Inner Madness ~ Philip Brent

Inner Madness ~ Philip Brent


A shadow box. I convinced myself that’s what she said
Far past exhausted, neither wanted to talk nor to listen
You know that’s not what I said. Please, use your head
I just cannot understand, like you’re explaining fission

You know what I said and you know just what I meant
I said quite clearly, they gave me only a box of shadows
So now, I’m going to have to hear how little they spent
But you know this is what they always do, and it shows

I cannot imagine what they could have been thinking
They said, don’t open it; it’d lead to darkness and strife
That was just to tempt me, I opened it without blinking
I cannot see or hear, he said, the darkness obscures life


So, since that disastrous day until this moment, NOW
Shadows have followed everyone in the world around
It’s not the work of devils or of demons; this I will vow
Beware, creeping darkness approaches without sound

Though it hides within, not shade from our raging sun
But its companion, completion, cold darkness, the void
It follows us from the inside out; nowhere we may run
It scourges and beats us from the media we’ve enjoyed

Poor Pandora got a bad rap, so I hope you won’t chide
Because of paltry, puny gods, who must test and taunt
Don’t open it, eat it, touch it, remark it, narrow or wide
While hope, love and forgiveness grow ever more gaunt

So if you some time notice a shadow which is not yours
I pray you will understand pitiful Pandora’s temptation
Recall those who’d be gods, hide behind closed doors
Understand that they, alone, crave this dark sensation


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