Waiting, Just Waiting

Life has been challenging of late and I haven’t been posting as often as would like. First, an elderly relative with a cracked femur, which is still sorting itself out. Next, a ten-acre fire that started almost directly behind our house. Then another medical emergency, this one involving me. That one will become evident when we get to it.

Although not posting, I have been writing. Starting today and, over the next several days, I will post content which reflects what has been happening and what I’ve thought about it. Then, I will begin to post some of the other material I’ve recently created. ~ PBH

A Map of Moments  Brent Harris

A Map of Moments ~ Brent Harris

Just waiting at this hospital for
Scheduled surgery, not my own
Waiting for a nurse or doctor
Heavy sighs, in pain she moans

Waiting quietly with great hope
Future uncertain, nonexistent
Waiting each hour, still we cope
Time and tide the currency spent

Until, finally, zero hour arrives
She’s wheeled out, no ceremony
Waiting, worry as surgeon strives
Sigh, knowing what will be will be

Surgery successful, within reason
Her room, cast floating on foam
Waiting to say hello is so pleasin’
Next, skilled nursing, then home

Till then we can only visit or call
Not yet will she meet her final date
Waiting for what comes to us all
Young or old, we all become late


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