What We Always Know

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges

When I think about beauty, I confess
What makes me happy looks the best
Bright colors, harmony, truth or jest
Although I also like much of the rest

Think minor chords as well as tragedy
May impart more truth than reality
We survive tempest to feel tranquility
It’s all just on or off, to be or not to be

Born knowing our one essential thing
Soon trained to conform in everything
Most accept whatever life does bring
Some burn bright, rise high, take wing

Their glorious light hides a truth inside
Brilliance glows from where they hide
After all the world’s choices were tried
They went deep inside, to there abide

When quiet moments speak through us
A conduit we do become, a universal bus
All we are, know, feel, do, how we focus
Recall we’re pieces of the same universe


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