String Theory

String Theory, Too

String Theory, Too

Oh what a wonderful word and thing is string
All the names we call it and the ways we use it
Thread-woven cloth on the seat where you sit?
Or long hairs on a bow, so a cello’s strings sing

Do I hear you mutter or proclaim hemp or jute
The ball of yarn your cat chases across the floor
There is twine, gut, even metal and much more
If you thought of these, consider yourself astute

But we strung him up with a rope, the varmint
So don’t pluck my heartstrings, string me along
First string, second string, noted line, is a song
Such practical applications cannot make a dent

Line, twine, cord, thread, rope, string flies a kite
Most instances, string’s strength comes  tandem
Woven or braided cord, no matter where from
Cord, accord as closely related as day and night

Both combined of multiple strands, slack or taut
So like the musical lines from a symphonic score
Disparate, brought all together to become more
Diverse sounds in harmony, we should be taught

Tones, voices, shades, colors add interest, spice
Integration, cooperation all together a life weave
Blend harmony, make our world as we conceive
If you’d make our universe one color, think twice

Say turn everything, the whole shebang, bright red
With no contrast, variation, no way to differentiate
Then try seeing a hawk or handsaw, you’d be irate
You may cross a busy road, step of a cliff, still dead

Difference is not just the spice of life, its everything
And the best when it is all woven, all colors together
A cheer for all colors, shades, tones, now and forever
So to reach string theory, we must start with a string


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