Crusade to End Public Torture




More certain and more frightening than death and taxes
More pervasive, deadly and inevitable than a pandemic
It will drive you buttier than a batterfly, watch the nets
Wag your finger, shake your fist, hang your head and cry

The presentation may be good, but you’ve seen it all before
If you ever liked what you’re seeing, you may not anymore
Sisters, Brothers, Freshmen, Aces, Diamonds brought to you
Vocal, folk and classical, with tap, soft-shoe and much more

Danes Italians, Irish, American for sure, some of them famous
Some until you saw them here, you’d never known about before
Anything they will put up, some are good and some quite lame
If it gives them a boost, they’ll sing its praises, heaping on acclaim

Healthier you will become, physically, mentally and financially
Discover what’s on top and what you need to stop immediately
Though you may never see this part, there probably isn’t time
Myself, if forced to watch it, would go right out of my mind

So people, come on, help save us from this criminal mistake
Believe me, there are not enough years in your life to forsake
Kick your leaders in the butt, tell them they must get off the take
Use that money to support the arts and end the pledge break



Remember: It is only with your help that we can end the pledge break in our lifetime!


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