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One thing we always find in life is curves. No matter what you have or who you are, your road looks straight, then it swerves, when walking, riding, or driving a fast car.   I appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have. Thank you.

Advice for All

Oh, how changes will throw us off our stride; a different host, a barking man without control. Tries his best to muffle his affliction, can’t hide, it’s simply who he is; he fights to reach his goal. Way our country’s going, may not be far away. People scoff as we’re conned into neo-fascism. Say it […]

Law of Averages

Some days come at you like fastballs; you try hard, cannot catch up to them. Swinging, missing, or life strikes calls; if you connect, you’re filled with vim. Perhaps you don’t understand baseball. So many times it seems similar to life, bored hours, then hit one over the wall. Hit it three times in ten, […]

Brave In Madness

Art often is created as revolution and rebellion When it’s about choosing to change the world What is truth, beauty, who decides stone to neon Brave in madness, or in the fetal position  curled

Looking at Lascaux

The old master painters were brilliant but restricted, despite their years of training, mastery and their skill Looking at Lascaux, could you have ever predicted We’d reach that vaunted height, never learn not to kill

Brings Quiet

Love Among the Ruins ~ Edward Burne-Jones A young artistic rebel brotherhood, long ago painted realistic, lush romantic scenes Vivid colors evocative, see the paint flow, detailed and precise, every line clean Yet, their paintings appear fanciful, while the impressionists portray the real. Both aesthetic meals leave us sated, full Interesting how art can make […]

Chaos Is Growth

Chaos is a horse we are bound to ride Hold on tight, if it should buck or lean It stops, get off, a new life, don’t hide You’ll ride again to other pastures green