Be Still

                     String Theory ~ Philip Brent Harris

Listen to the music as you pass and wonder who
sings your song ethereal and reaches inside you
played on a piano; it makes you feel unmanned,
apprehend skill and grace played by either hand.
Be still, listen, becoming the notes, the moment
When you connect with this,  everything beyond
Whether you get it depends on how you respond

Though you keep walking, music now in the past,
remains within you in the ever now, meant to last
lights this part of you; you will never be the same.
You might feel healed, where once you were lame
Be still,  you’re one yet joined, unique, part of all.
I realize we have problems, each and all together.
Only when we all unmask, will anything be better.

Though if you stand aside, you will see progress,
see how strong you are, if you will pass life’s test.
Bling and power, myriad possessions may tempt.
All you know or have will not make you exempt.
Be still, it is in the fiber of your bones and being.
Life ends, no matter who you are, where you go.
Will you find your heaven, or not? I do not know.

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